Lake Havasu Power Sport Rentals

Wet Monkey is your home for power sport rentals, especially for enjoying the water at Lake Havasu. One enjoyable option is to explore the lake with a Jet Ski or wave runner. We offer our clients one of the largest selections of Jet Ski rentals and wave runners in the Lake Havasu area. Our rentals can be used by a single rider, two riders or even three riders.

Our qualified staff can walk you through all the safety features of your Jet Ski or wave runner before you take it out on the water. Additionally, we provide the highest quality of maintenance to make sure our jet skis outperform the competition.

For our clients who are vacationing at Lake Havasu, our team can make convenient pickup and drop off arrangements, allowing you to enjoy your time on the lake. No matter how much experience you have, our team can make sure you are ready to tackle the waves and make great memories.

Jet Skis – Wave Runners – Personal Watercraft

We offer Kawasaki STX-12F & Yamaha VX-110. All of our machines are 4 stoke engines for the best fuel economy. At Wet Monkey, safety is of primary importance, and so the max speed is 55 mph, depending on weight and conditions.

Wet Monkey offers some of the best pricing on its Jet Ski and wave runner rentals, making it hands down the best deal on the river. So, for your next vacation or weekend adventure, call for a pair of top performing Jet Skis or wave runners and have an amazing day on Lake Havasu.


We offer the ability to place reservations for your jet skis or wave runners before you arrive for your vacation or weekend getaway. Our reservation fee is $25.00 non-refundable and does not apply to the rental fee. When you arrive to pick up your rental, the total amount due will include your rental fee and a security deposit. We require a security deposit of $500 to $800 for each craft, and this must be provided by means of a credit card.

Your security deposit will be released in full upon return of the Jet Ski or wave runner without any damage. If there is any damage or extra charges, those will be subtracted from your security deposit. All cancellations need to be done in writing/email and a confirmation received. If you do not cancel and are a no-show by 11:00 am on the day of your rental, your card will be charged the full rental fees.