Lake Havasu in Arizona is one of the best vacation destinations in the West. It boasts spectacular lakes, fun activities, and an awesome party atmosphere.

The warm year-round temperatures keep the water the perfect temperature to jump into, but sometimes the weather can get a little too hot, especially in the summer.

Here is how to stay cool without having to put a damper on your fun.

1. Get a Cooling Towel

Modern technology hasn’t only given us Alexa and Netflix. Scientists use special fibers to create towels and cloth that can keep you cool for up to four hours.

This special fabric stays around thirty degrees colder than your normal body temperature. You can drape it around your neck, use it to wipe off your face, or even keep it wrapped around a drink.

They come in little reusable carrying packs and usually sell as multi-packs.

It’s incredible the difference it makes having a cool cloth on a hot day. It’s perfect for the beach, the boat, or to throw in your ATV’s storage compartment while you are out for a ride.

2. Cooling Sunscreen

There is a type of sunscreen that’s called cool touch and it feels cold and refreshing when you put it on. It won’t keep you cool the whole time you’re wearing it, but it’s a refreshing moment each time you apply it to your skin.

People who don’t like sunscreen, or kids who don’t want to stop playing, will love having a new reason to put it on. Come up with a fun game for kids, such as call it something cool like ice-spray or cool-down spray, to encourage kids to reapply often in the hot temperatures.

3. Spicy Food

There is a reason the spiciest dishes come from some of the hottest countries. They’re not gluttons for punishment. Spicy food makes you sweat and these droplets cool your body temperature down.

In Arizona, tons of great Mexican-style restaurants will happily deliver the heat you need. Bring some hot sauce or pepper flakes with you if you’re going to eat on the beach or a boat.

Just make sure you have some milk if you accidentally over-do it!

4. Stay Low

If you’re staying in a lake house or hotel with multiple floors, do your best to spend time near the ground. At your hotel, request to stay on the ground floor or a lower level.

If you’re staying at a lake house, then close up the upstairs and spend the hottest daytime hours downstairs.

Heat rises, even in air-conditioned spaces. If you get a room with a bunk bed, always try for the bottom bunk. It makes a big difference!

5. Skip the Ice Cream

If it’s hot, you may think ice cream is a great choice to cool down. Ice cream may help you cool down while you’re eating it. Your body will work harder during the digestion process (since the ice cream is so cold).

Your body has to use energy to get the ice cream in your stomach to a normal body temperature, which makes your external temperature go up. Stick to middle-of-the-road temperature foods to avoid increasing your natural body temperature.

How to Stay Cool: Be Smart

Even if you use all of our how to stay cool tips, it still can get dangerously hot. Stay out of the sun on super hot days from 12 pm to 3 pm when the sun is directly overhead and the temperature is the hottest it will be all day.

Make smart choices, stay hydrated, and cool off in our beautiful lake. The heat is part of why you came so get out in the water and have a good time!

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