Tips for Renting a Boat with Kids

Tips for Renting a Boat with Kids

You love boating and you’re excited for a chance to experience this hobby with those who are closest to you – your children.

Likely, if your child already loves the water, they’ll love the new element of experiencing water on a boat.

Before you set sail, however, there are some things you need to keep in mind when renting a boat with kids.

We’ll go over the top tips you need to know so everyone can enjoy their day out on the water. Keep reading!

  1. Choose the Right Boat

Before you even hit the water, you need to set yourself up for success by choosing the right boat.

Remember, children aren’t very good at sitting still. This activity means you can’t choose a boat that has just enough sitting room. Instead, choose one that allows your kids to get up and move around a bit (when the boat isn’t moving of course).

If in doubt, always err on the side of too big.

  1. Pack the Right Safety Gear

When it comes to boat safety, there’s no such thing as being overly cautious.

First things first, make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket that fits correctly. Not only is this important for your child’s safety, the U.S. Coast Guard requires that everyone wear a life jacket. If your kids are caught without one, you could be heavily fined.

Some other safety gear you should remember to pack includes:

  • Personal Flotation Devices
  • Sunscreen
  • Whistle or a Bell
  • Fire Extinguisher

Also, if you have a toddler or baby, you may be wondering where they should sit. After all, there isn’t a car seat for boats.

The best place to keep your little one safe is in your lap. If they’re under 18 pounds, it’s recommended that they wait until they’re bigger to enjoy boating.

  1. Pick the Right Time to Go

Just like there’s traffic on the highway, there’s traffic on the open waters.

The most popular times to go boating are in the late morning until the late afternoon/early evening.

All this boat traffic can be overwhelming if you have kiddos in tow, so try to go when it’s less crowded, either in the early morning or just before the sun sets in the evening.

Also, don’t forget to check the weather report before you leave so you don’t run into any storms.

  1. Set Some Ground Rules

You have rules you require your children to follow at home, in the car, and at guests’ homes.

A boat should be no exception. Before taking off, go over some ground rules with your children. Some basic ones you to implement include:

  • Keeping hands inside the boat at all times
  • No running around on the boat
  • Keep the weight evenly distributed
  1. Plan Activities on the Boat

There’s always a chance that one of your children will be less than thrilled about the idea of spending an afternoon on a boat.

For those who aren’t big on the water or for who are too young to enjoy it, make sure you plan activities your kids can engage in that don’t involve water.

Allow them to bring their favorite books, toys, and snacks so they stay occupied and can enjoy themselves as well.

Renting a Boat with Kids: Wrap Up

By keeping these tips in mind, both you and your children should have an unforgettable experience renting a boat.

Making a reservation beforehand can also help ensure your day goes smoothly. Click here to do that or contact us if you have questions about boat rentals, safety or anything else boat-related!

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