1.5 million people from all over the world descend on Lake Havasu every year.

Why not?

Lake Havasu is renowned for its water sports, beaches, fishing, biking, shopping, and countless other qualities.

While there is a ton to do in Lake Havasu, one of the best activities you can partake in is renting and enjoying a pontoon boat.

For the uninitiated, a pontoon boat is a watercraft that relies on “floats” (pontoons) to stay on top of the water. These boats are easy to maneuver, fun to ride in, and allow couples and families to see Havasu in a way that few people get to enjoy.

Still on the fence regarding whether renting a pontoon boat is right for you? Here are a few other reasons why we think pontoon boats are a must for your next Havasu trip!

1. Pontoon Boats Are Built with the Family in Mind

Pontoon boats are often referred to as floating patios. They feature spacious, flat decks that make it easy for kids to traverse the watercraft’s surface area safely.

Because of that, if you are bringing your family down to Lake Havasu, you would be hard pressed to find a better kind of boat that suits your group’s broad entertainment and safety needs.

2. Renting Pontoon Boats is Economical

Given all of the fun, you will have on your Pontoon boat, the price that you will be charged for what you will enjoy represents a great value.

When you rent high-speed watercraft, the rate at which they burn fuel and the liability they present can drive rental rates up. Pontoon boats are made with leisurely fun in mind, are easy on fuel tanks, and consequently, you will be able to scoop one up at an outstanding rate.

3. Pontoon Boats Are Easy to Use and Less Prone to Damage

There are a lot of watercraft out there that are susceptible to hull tears when you drive them through rocky or shallow areas. Since pontoons are made out of aluminum, they are much more likely to dent than to tear.

That means that you are less likely to run into a costly liability situation.

Furthermore, given how high pontoon boats sit on the water, many people love these watercraft for how easy they are to maneuver even with nominal boating experience.

4. Comfort is Plentiful

If you are taking a boat out on the water, chances are someone in your party is hoping to enjoy a little relaxation. Pontoon boats offer you the ability to do exactly that.

You will find that many Pontoons feature comfortable couches that surround its deck, which make snoozing easy. There are also many retractable overhead shades that can keep you from roasting while lounging.

5. Good Safe Fun

The main reason why renting a pontoon boat is such a hit activity in Lake Havasu is because doing so is safe and a ton of fun.

Pontoon boats travel at mild speeds, feature safety railings, and are heavy, which makes them less susceptible to flipping.

Couple those safety features with the joy of the open water, and you are sure to have a blast when gliding on the water!

Wrapping Up Benefits of Renting a Pontoon Boat on Lake Havasu

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of how renting a pontoon boat at Lake Havasu can make your trip memorable.

The next question is where you should rent your pontoon boat.

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