Lake Havasu is literally like an oasis in the desert. This oasis has endless best summer adventures, ranging from water sports to a bursting downtown life. If you are heading to Lake Havasu for a summer adventure and want to make sure you are doing all the best things, this guide is for you.

Top 10 Best Summer Adventures in Lake Havasu Arizona

From bars, bridges, and beaches, Lake Havasu, Arizona, will have you running around in a good way. This vacation spot is slowly rising as one of the best vacationing spots in the United States, and below we have 10 of the best things to do.

Visit before it gets too popular!

1. Havasu Airborne and Waterborne

Hang-gliding over Lake Havasu, Arizona, will go down as one of your all-time best summer adventures.

Not only because you will get amazing views of the desert and city below, but Havasu has hang-gliders that are amphibious.

That is right. These things can land on water and then putz around the lake itself. How cool is that?!

2. Off-roading

The word just sounds fun. Now imagine off-roading in a 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 rs Turbo R…sounds pretty hype, right?

If you have ever dreamed of barreling across the sands in something like a dune buggy — like you are in an action movie — then this adventure is for you.

The sights alone are memorable, but the experience of driving one of these monsters will be what you tell all your friends about.

3. London Bridge

No, we are not lost.

This world-famous bridge once stood in London itself, but in 1967 a man named Robert McCulloch had the bridge taken down stone by stone and shipped to Lake Havasu, Arizona.

What a sight to see!

4. Lake Havasu Museum of History

If you loved the history of London Bridge, this museum is a stop you should add!

Learn about the Mavoho Native Indians and the mining culture of Lake Havasu here!

5. Lake Havasu State Park

If you are into camping, fishing, hiking, and all things wildlife, then this is for you.

This option is a nice way to escape the city and reconnect nature.

Plus, the nature around here is ABSOLUTELY stunning. Not only do you get the desert, but sparkling lakes too.

6. Distillery Tour at Desert Diamond

Curious about how rum gets made?

Swing on through this tour to learn the step by step process of molasses being turned to the slow-sipper people love!

7. Beach It

It is not a summer vacation without laying out on the sand.

Lake Havasu itself has dozens of opportunities for you to stretch out and relax on the sand. Seize the moment to work on your tan, read a book, rent a boat, or sip a drink while relaxing!

8. Up, Up, and Away

If you are not into gliders, try a hot air balloon.

Taking a hot air balloon ride around Lake Havasu will give you a chance to see the land from above, at a little slower of a pace, but still one just as memorable.

9. Pedal, Pedal

If you are into biking, we recommend checking out some bike rentals to explore the city and biking trails surrounding the city.

Dune biking is something not everyone can say they have done!

10. Desert Bar

Live as they did in the old days.

Desert Bar is powered by solar energy and is literally in the middle of the desert. If you are looking for something to wet your whistle and amazing food, this is your oasis in the desert.

More Summer Adventures

We hope you can check out some of these best summer adventures while out in Lake Havasu. Feel free to contact us to let us know what you thought!

If you are looking for more adventure resources, head on over to our blog where we post tons of content. We are here to help you have the best vacation yet!

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