party boat rentalsMarch is finally here and the weather is starting to break. For those of us in the Southwest, it means only one thing; spring break is quickly approaching. Sure, the party spots around the area are varied, but the only real way to experience spring break is at Lake Havasu. You know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t been you’ve at least heard of it, and probably want to attend. Ready to do spring break Arizona style? We’re teaching you how to make your Lake Havasu trip unforgettable. Hint: it all comes down to party boat rentals.

Why Lake Havasu?

Sitting squarely in the Mojave desert, Lake Havasu is a place unlike any other. The shimmering waters combined with the never ending sunshine make the lake ideal for daytime revelry. Daytime parties can also easily carry into the night, with Lake Havasu City sporting a main street full of bars. At last count, there are 18 bars situated around the downtown area. Again 18 bars. You won’t have any problems staying buzzed. Though the main draw is undoubtedly the water. Spring break in Havasu happens on the lake. There are no arguments. You need to take in that glorious sunshine while partying the day away with your friends. What you’ll find is hoards and hoards of people lounging away in the Arizona sun. It makes for the perfect opportunity to drink (in moderation!), swim, eat, and generally have an amazing time.

Boating The Lake: Party Boat Rentals

So what’s crucial to staying on the water? Well, a boat of course. Spring breakers at Lake Havasu need a boat. It’s your gateway to the lake. And you don’t need just any old boat; you need a party boat. For the unfamiliar, party boats are flat bottom boats that sit on pontoons. Basically, they’re designed with maximum leisure space in mind. Cruising the lake on a party boat will enable you to take full advantage of the Lake Havasu scene. First, people are friendly here. We love meeting new friends, and that mentality rubs off on spring breakers. Play some loud music, have some food and drinks, and people will naturally come over. Second, party boat rentals give you a sort of home base. Regular boats usually sacrifice space for speed. On a party boat, you can store all your’s and your friends’ gear on board. Excess beer? Easy, plenty of cooler space. Towels and clothes? Plenty of room. Finally, party boats let you go anywhere. Outboard motors and pontoons mean shallow water is no problem. You’ll really want that shallow hull when you see how many boats gather up near Lake Havasu Island.


Heading to Lake Havasu is the ultimate spring break trip for anyone living in the Southwest. In fact, it’s an excellent trip for anyone living in the U.S. This summer, ditch PCB and head to Arizona for some desert sun in the sun. Once you arrive, get in touch with us for the best party boat rentals on the lake. We promise you’ll arrive happy, and leave happy.

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Make the Most of Your Lake Havasu Spring Break with Party Boat Rentals
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