Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, lake trips are even more viable. These lake trips can be fun for the entire family, even those younger children that cannot swim too well. Though it may seem dangerous, there are some things you can teach your children to prepare them for that day on the lake.

Lake safety is always about recognizing that the lake is very different from the pool or even a beach. It is also about being prepared before making your journey across the lake. Without further ado, here are 5 swimming safety tips to teach your kids before your next lake outing.

1. Everyone Needs a Life Jacket

Whether you are Michael Phelps or a newborn, you need a life jacket when swimming in a lake. Many factors can cause you to be pulled under when swimming in a lake, including algae, undertow, or even just fatigue.

To avoid this danger of swimming, be sure to swim with a life jacket, especially in a deep lake.

2. Swim with a Buddy

Swimming alone is a recipe for disaster. You should always swim with a buddy, as they can keep you safe and notify rescuers if there are any issues while swimming. Make sure that at least one person you are swimming with is a good swimmer and can support someone else before getting in.

3. Take a Second Before Jumping

Swimming concussions are a real danger, and they often happen because swimmers dive without thinking twice. Before you jump in, be sure to check the area where you are jumping. It is possible that you may be jumping into a rock or something else that could hurt you.

4. Do Not Drink the Water

Drinking lake water may be a hazardous thing to do, not just during swimming, but also after. When swimming, having water enter your lungs may make it difficult to breathe and may leave you panicked.

The bigger issue, though, is after the lake day is over. Many lakes have bacteria in them that can cause damage to humans. Be sure to advise your children to never drink lake water when out for a swim.

5. Avoid the Boat Exhaust

The final of these swimming safety tips may be the one that is most ignored. Swimming directly behind the boast exhaust can often be dangerous, primarily due to the chemicals that are in the exhaust of many of these boats. Be sure to swim away from the boat’s rear and never smell the lake right behind your boat.

Teaching These Swimming Safety Tips

Having your children learn these swimming safety tips is vital for their safety and for a fun family outing at the lake. Preparation and care during the outing is just as key as these tips could be, so be sure to watch your swimmers actively.

Once you have ensured your family is safe, be sure to focus on the fun! Contact us for anything you may need to make your lake day outing as fun as it can be.

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