Summer is right around the corner! If you want to get technical, it begins on Friday, June 21st this year (at 11:54 A.M., to be exact!). If we are realistic, it is warm enough right now to begin chilling in the sun and feeling the heat on your shoulders.

Especially if you are planning to visit the infamous Lake Havasu in Arizona.

The water is beautiful, you have booked your jet ski, and it is time to have some fun. To make your experience on the lake even better, you are going to rent (or buy) a wetsuit. Which begs the question—jet ski wetsuit or dry suit?

Wait, what? There is a difference?

Yes, there is—and we are here to explain it for you! After all, you have worked hard for this vacation. We will not make you work any harder.

Keep reading for all the details.

What Is a Jet Ski Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is intended to keep you warm. A dry suit’s mission is similar, but they go about this process in different ways.

A wetsuit, typically made from neoprene, traps a small amount of water inside it. The neoprene can keep the water close to your body. As your body gives off heat, it warms that little layer of water.

This small amount of heated-up water is what keeps you warm as you ride your jet ski.

It is common for wetsuits to fit snugly to the body.

This fit may limit your movements a bit, but it should never be uncomfortable. The reason it is tighter is that this keeps the water closer to your body and keeps you warmer. If the water escapes, so does your warmth.

Since wetsuits are so tight, it is not typical to wear extra layers beneath them.

It is common to wear only your bathing suit underneath. The more seamless your suit, the better. Since it is form-fitting, any bathing suit ties could dig into your skin and cause you some discomfort.

What Is a Jet Ski Dry Suit?

Dry suits are also made to keep people warm. They are also typically made of the spongy material neoprene. Unlike wetsuits, dry suits tend to be a little looser on the body, offering more mobility.

The point of a dry suit is to keep the body drier, and thus warmer. It is common for users to wear extra layers of insulating material to keep themselves warm. Since dry suits are usually a looser fit, they can support additional layers beneath them.

I Am Leaving on a Jet Ski

About 20 million Americans enjoy personal watercrafts (or PWCs) every single year. They are fun, exciting, and a huge adrenaline rush. Whether to rent one or not is your most straightforward decision today.

Choosing your outfit is pretty easy, too—and it is all about preference. A jet ski wetsuit may be perfect for you, while a dry suit suits your spouse. Now that you know the difference, you should be able to make an informed decision!

It is time to hurry up and book your trip before someone else does!

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